Up to 45 people 2 hour workshop
Conquer the Metaverse
The Metaverse is the next great evolution of the internet.
Get ahead of this change before it leaves you behind.
What is the Metaverse?
The metaverse is made up of virtual worlds that combine the best of current digital and physical technology.
It's beginning to revolutionise everything from the customer experience to supply chain logistics. Facebook have hired 10,000 people in the EU to work on it.
Hard to understand on paper? That's because you have to experience it in person.
Image: An Alabama-class container ship, created by @Jorbunga, sailing in the metaverse.
Why should I care?
The opportunities and challenges that the metaverse presents vary by industry. Here are some impacts that are being felt today.
Let customers experience products before they purchase them
Today, you can test drive the new Hyundai without leaving your house, as well as be at the runway show of the clothes you're about to buy.
Build digital twins of your supply chain & fulfillment operations
Unipart creates 3D virtual representations of their warehouses, providing real time, visual insights about each space.
Image: 3 container cars, created by @dasdenz.
Visualise threats and measure their impact in a real world environment
The UK Ministry of Defence have partnered with Improbable to develop multi-domain synthetics for threat simulation and analysis.
Image: Military Base, created by @Evanosaure.
Professional Services
Run workshops, conduct meetings & collaborate in new ways
Teams at Societe Generale create 3D virtual spaces to present, connect and collaborate with their clients.
Image: Meeting Table, created by @byeidclol.
Review building plans, renders and documents as if they're real
Teams at BNP Paribas Real Estate use metaverse tool Spatial to meet, collaborate and make critical planning decisions in 3D.
Image: Shopping Center, created by @lrolux.
Create engaging & transformative learning experiences
Three dimensional learning experiences are transforming areas as diverse as football and complex surgery.
Image: Classroom desks, created by @shinttaine17.
Help applicants understand what their role will entail before they apply
Xelevate partnered with Miljonbemanning to create an experience that simulated the roles applicants were applying for.
Image: Warehouse Building, created by @ModelRipper5.
How can I conquer it?
Conquer the Metaverse is a 2 hour immersive virtual learning experience for you and your team.
You’ll journey through a custom built metaverse island, work together, solve challenges and get ahead of this growing technological revolution.
Understand the next stage of the internet - and the opportunities it presents for your business - without PowerPoint and hundreds of slides.
Read about how the workshop was built
Experience a new kind of collaboration
Conquer the Metaverse is a collaborative, virtual, team building experience. But it's about as far away from a Zoom breakout room as you can imagine.
You'll create & customise a 3D avatar to represent yourself, and use this virtual character to brainstorm, explore and communicate.
It's a great way to bridge the gap between colleagues working from the office and those working from home.
Illuminating takeaways for your business
Conquer the Metaverse is designed to help you understand the opportunities and threats that the metaverse revolution will create.
After just two hours you'll leave with a set of concrete next steps, and areas to explore further.
It could be using the metaverse to collaborate in the future, run simulations or test new eCommerce opportunities.
Access a library of resources
After you attend Conquer the Metaverse you'll get access to our metaverse library, pictured here.
Inside the library are regularly updated links, case studies and resources to help continue your learning.
The library is open 24 hours a day, and has a cafe where you can chat with fellow alumni.
Designed & led by experts
Conquer the Metaverse is designed and led by Olly and Lowell.
Together, they've created and run workshops - in person, and virtually - for some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.
They will be your virtual facilitators and guides, helping you understand what applications of the metaverse there might be in your own business.
All you need is a laptop, tablet or phone
To participate in Conquer the Metaverse you don’t need to be technical and it requires no prior expertise or experience.
All you and your team need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone. The workshop is conducted 100% virtually. You will need to be able to install the Roblox app.
Up to 45 people can attend a session of Conquer the Metaverse.
workshop FAQs
Image: Go Modern Office, created by @california101
Book for your team now
We'd love to transport you and your team out of your office and into the metaverse.
To book a two hour session of Conquer the Metaverse, send an email to oliver@or-innovation.com.