1 Day Course
  8-100 people
Takeover a disruptive company for a day & experience a new way of doing business
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The rules of the game have changed

It's no longer those with the loudest voices who are the best leaders. Or those with strongest defences that are the most secure. And having the best technology doesn't guarantee success.

To thrive in the future, you need to adopt new ways of thinking and leading.

But you can't just read about it. To embrace these new mindsets you have to experience them.

Experience leading a disruptive company

In takeover, you and your team become responsible for the decision making, positioning and pitching of a disruptive technology company. For one day only.

You'll need to adopt new ways of working, manage regulation challenges & attract talent to your cause.

Throughout the day you'll meet investors, regulators and have your thinking tested to the limit.

Key Outputs

In takeover, we cover the key strategies and behaviours that you and your team need to adopt to thrive in the future.

Collaboration & Purpose

Sharpen the proposition of the company you takeover, and compete for talent by making key collaboration decisions.

Iteration & Agility

Grow your company as quickly as possible, iterating as regulatory & other challenges emerge.

Customer Centricity

Create a minimum viable product and gather instant feedback from customers to improve and iterate it.

Data Driven Decision Making

Make strategic decisions based on data and experience the consequences of your strategy.

Be immersed in unfamiliar surroundings

takeover is a course like no other. The experience is designed to take you and your team outside of your day-to-day thinking, through a combination of immersive activities, character interactions and simulated scenarios.

We believe this is the best way to help you and your team prepare for the future in a fun, engaging and energising way.

We run takeover in disused buildings all over London, but can also run the course in your offices or off-site location.

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takeover is the perfect complement to your team off-site, quarterly away day or leadership session.

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