For individuals 1 hour course
Experience the Metaverse
Understand the fundamentals of the metaverse in this one hour immersive crash course
Don't just read about the metaverse. Experience it.
Mark Zuckerberg believes so deeply in the metaverse that he’s bet his whole reputation on it.
You might think he's wrong. But don't make up your mind before you've experienced it yourself.
In just one hour we'll take you to the metaverse and guide you through the fundamentals.
Unlike any course you've done before
Experience the Metaverse takes place in a custom built metaverse world, open 24/7, complete with interactive exhibits.
A companion sixteen track audio guide will explain what you're seeing, and a library of 50+ links will expand your knowledge.
You don't need any technical knowledge. During the course we'll get you set up with the tools you need*.
*Two devices (either desktop, laptop, tablet, Xbox or smartphone) are needed to participate read more in the FAQs.
Less crypto, more real life case studies
As well as getting to grips with metaverse fundamentals, during the course we'll also show you examples of real businesses from a variety of industries using the metaverse right now.
Case studies include:
  • How Gucci made critical mistakes selling virutal goods
  • How Maersk uses digital twins to reduce carbon emissions
  • How Hyundai uses a custom built world to communicate their future transport vision
Image: A limited edition virtual Gucci Ghost Bag, see the real version in the course.
Tangible Course Takeaways
After completing the course, you'll have a critical understanding of the metaverse and its impact on the world. You'll then be able to:
Have informed conversations
This course equips you with a fundamental understanding of what the metaverse is.
As a a result, you'll be able to have better, more confident conversations about the metaverse with colleagues and friends.
Spot opportunities
This course showcases impactful uses of the metaverse in business today.
As a a result, you'll be able to spot opportunities for the metaverse to accelerate growth & solve problems in your business.
See through the noise
This course dispels common misconceptions about the metaverse.
As a a result, you'll be able to focus on the genuinely impactful technological advances whilst confidently ignoring the hype.
An experience that's accessible to all
We've designed this course to be for anyone in business who has an interest in the metaverse. You don't need any prior knowledge or technical expertise.
You can complete the course virtually, at any time (it looks even better at night..), and bring colleagues and friends along with you*.
There are maps, transcripts and guides that let you complete the course at your own pace, in a way that works for you.
*Entry to the metaverse world is free, but to participate in the course they'll need to purchase it.
Designed & led by Oliver Rees
Olly is the founder of OR Innovation, and leads this course.
He has a background in technology and psychology and has been designing technology education programmes for over ten years, for businesses including:
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Experience the metaverse

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What's included

  • 24/7 access to our custom metaverse world

  • 16 track audio course

  • Virtual driving experience

  • 9 avatars to inhabit

  • Resource library of 50+ links

  • Live support if you get stuck

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