Disruptive Technology Cards

A pack of 48 beautifully designed cards. Perfect for generating ideas on away days, experimenting with teams and challenging established ways of thinking.

What's included

Included in each pack of cards:

20 Technologies

Twenty things you can do with AI, Blockchain, IOT & more. On the back of each card is an explanation of the technology and suggested collaborators.

10 Collaborators

Including an ethical hacker, data scientist, user researcher and more. On the back of each card is a description of the role & how they can help you.

3 Strategies

Including open sourcing, experimentation and more. On the back of each card is an explanation of the strategy and suggested collaborators.

10 Challenges

On the back of each challenge is a space to articulate a business problem or opportunity. Business challenges are not provided!

Using the cards

You can use the cards in any way you like. Here are some suggestions:

Brainstorm solutions

Articulate a business challenge and then use the technology cards to brainstorm a disruptive solution.

Create a team

Use the collaborator cards to design a multi-disciplinary team made up of experts right for the task.

Test your knowledge

Lay out all the cards, then try and explain how each technology works. Flip over and see if you're right.

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