Develop an experimental marketing plan for a new platform

In 2020Marketer, you and your team become fledgling CMOs of high growth companies.

You'll use new technologies and tools to understand your customers better than ever before, and collaborate with unconventional talent to create disruptive communications.

Experience the mindsets essential for marketing in a world of disruption

Understand and locate your consumer using data, collaborate with partners in a creative way and learn to evolve your idea by challenging others.

This course will give you the tools and thinking to create strategic communications which are imbued with data driven insight.

Transform the way you develop & execute campaigns

Adopt your future role

All of our courses introduce new roles for you and your team to adopt. 2020Marketer includes roles like Privacy Shielder, Experience Designer and AI Analyst.

Experience 2020Marketer with your team

In three hours, eight hours or via our digital platform