Lead a startup to its first investment round

In 2020Leader, you and your team become early stage start up founders. You'll develop a prototype business plan, recruit talent and pitch for angel and venture capital investment.

Can you make the right strategic decisions to grow your business before you run out of time or money?

Experience the mindsets essential for leading in a world of disruption

Shape your company with beliefs, values and an initial product. Learn how founders of disruptive companies are able to use new mindsets to attract and retain the best talent and the highest levels of investment.

Along the way you'll pitch your company to angel investors, VCs and watch as the wheel of chance enriches or devastates your fledgling business.

Transform the way you lead, build and grow a company

Adopt your future role

All of our courses introduce new roles for you and your team to adopt. 2020Leader includes roles like Product Visionary, Super Influencer and Relationship Guru.

Experience 2020Leader with your team

In three hours, eight hours or via our digital platform