Establish and build an early stage crypto fund

In 2020Financier, you and your team become crypto fund founders. You'll need to navigate the regulatory requirements, master the tech and recruit the right team.

Adopting the mindsets required to operate in a high risk and disruptive environment will be critical.

Experience the mindsets essential for innovating in a world of evolving regulation & disruption

The crypto world is where technology, hacking, finance and regulation meet. To navigate your way through, you'll need to adopt fundamentally different ways of thinking.

You'll deal with real life regulatory hurdles & need to make strategic compromises.

Transform the way you look at risk and opportunity

Adopt your future role

All of our courses introduce new roles for you and your team to adopt. 2020Financier includes roles like Crypto Engineer, Growth Hacker and Regulation Master.

Experience 2020Financier with your team

In three hours, eight hours or via our digital platform